Time to make those desired networking connections pay off. Start by utilizing our integrated job search engine, Indeed! Then, find articles on elevating your performance during the interviewing process and making your best deal by maximizing your negotiating effectiveness. Discover a new approach and make yourself indispensable in your new position in our job retention section. Or, perhaps you have decided to use this life opportunity to chart your own course and venture into self-employment. Whichever direction you've chosen, this section will help you "close the deal". 

Featured Articles & Resources

Interviewing — Basics

Review the process, what to expect from employers, what to do (and not to do), and what will help you make all the right moves.

Interviewing — Tips & Advice

Check this section for winning interview suggestions. Develop your strategy beforehand and know what you want to accomplish during the meeting. Remember – you’re not the only one being interviewed!

Interviewing — Preparation, Presentation, and Follow-Up

The time you spend with the interviewer is, no doubt, crucial. But how you handle your business before and after may have just as much to do with your end results. Proper etiquette and knowing when and how to follow up are not issues to be taken lightly.

Salary & Negotiation — Tools & Tips

Know what compensation range to expect for the position you’re seeking, decide what your target is, and know how to handle salary questions during the interview.

Salary & Negotiation — Negotiating

Many people want to avoid talking about money and find salary discussions stressful. Taking the time to cover some basics will pay for itself. Test your knowledge of negotiation and know how to approach this topic with confidence.

Job Retention — Basics

Employers want to see a proper attitude in a job applicant. Knowing what makes employees successful after the hire will help you model the right behavior from the outset.

Job Retention — Build Your Career

Whatever job you may currently have or be interested in, it’s just one link in the chain of your career. Planning where you want to go and staying focused on that goal breeds long-term success.

Job Retention — Becoming a Leader

Identifying yourself as a leader within your team will lead to more opportunity and increase your value to any organization you join. Effective leaders inspire through example and know how to support their teammates toward achieving their best.

Self-Employment — Overview

With employers eliminating so many positions recently, many people have decided to start a business. There is plenty of online information and advice on this topic; here are some articles to help you decide if this is the right direction for you.


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