Finding a new job, switching careers, or starting a new business may seem like it's your entire life, but it's not. "Real life" continues and will probably require some new approaches, at least in the near-term. Properly planning your budgeting and finances to match the length of your job search will allow you to focus your attention on landing your next great job. Your support system will be critically important; keeping them as a source of strength is vital. Staying physically and emotionally balanced with a positive mindset will also raise your chances for a smooth, successful transition. Plus, check out fresh ideas for recent suggestions from your fellow job seekers and workforce professionals.

Featured Articles & Resources:

Finance — What To Do First

Creating a solid financial plan is vital for allowing you to focus on your job search. The information in this topic will guide you through compiling your financial reports and investigating your options.

Finance — Supplemental Income

Want to generate some quick cash? This topic lays out the path to some options. You won’t get rich overnight but your efforts can result in raising much-needed funds during your period of job search.

Finance — Cutting Expenses

Preparing a budget is an opportune time to review your household expenses and see what can be adjusted or eliminated. You’ll also find that an exercise in resourcefulness can raise your self-efficacy and help simplify your life.

Finance — Financial Literacy and Assistance Resources

The government has multiple resources at your disposal. Learn more about personal finance from the FDIC; determine what your target salary is with TWC’s Reality Check tool; or learn the eligibility requirements for help with housing or utilities payments.

Your Support System — Communicating the Change

Your family and friends can be your most powerful asset during periods of transition. This section contains articles about how to talk to your partner, kids, family members, and friends and ways to be a supportive spouse to a job seeker.

Your Support System — Managing the Change

Keeping an open dialogue going is the key to any relationship. However, significant life changes can cause strong emotions which might interrupt normal communication and threaten to make small issues into larger ones. Check here for information to stay proactive and to locate resources if your situation has reached a state of crisis. Also, find ideas on handling changes to childcare arrangements and information on benefits eligibility and lower-cost alternatives.

Finding Balance — Staying Fit & Eating Right

The benefits of exercise are well-documented and being in better shape can actually be an ally in your job search. A proper diet is the second element that can set you up for success. Together, they will help you be sharper, happier, and more relaxed. Also, meals are prime opportunities to share time with your family, beat stress, and lower your household expenses – all important areas of your overall plan.

Finding Balance — Having Fun!

Job search is serious business, but life is about more than just work (or the search for it). Connecting with the things that make life enjoyable is a restorative and cathartic process and can lead you to understand your priorities and set your goals.

Finding Balance — Dealing with Stress

Stress is part of everyday life, but can spike during periods of significant life change such as a job transition. This section will give you some tips for staying ahead and transcending this common human condition.

Mindset — Coping with Job Loss/Initial Response

Even the most prepared and centered people find that navigating their feelings during a transition (especially a large and, often, a sudden one) is a bigger challenge than they expected. There is a path, and these articles will get you started along it.

Mindset — The Value of Optimism

It is a proven fact that a positive outlook will help people attain their goals more quickly and more effectively. Learn the characteristics of optimism and find inspiration and context to set up your desired mental state during your search.


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